Marketing Collateral

Marketing is a big task and creating content and marketing collateral is only one of the many important tasks you have to do. You may be planning your next year’s strategy and budget, worrying about SEO, running a booth at a tradeshow, analyzing e-mail campaigns, performing market research, or training the sales team in preparation for a new product launch. The last thing you want to worry about is producing content.

Creating marketing content for the different stages in the buying cycle can be overwhelming but doesn’t have to be. It’s important to identify and then prioritize your goals. The buying cycle below organizes marketing collateral into suggested stages. Start with areas where you are light in content or that you want to stimulate. Do customers know about your company and your products? Are you launching a new product? Is Sales asking for more leads? Are you having trouble closing the deal?

Take the pressure off and let me help you with your marketing collateral needs.

marketing collateral