Case Studies

Customer Testimonials

Case Studies demonstrate how your company successfully solved your customer’s business problem. They are a great medium to show your company in action, demonstrating proven success in a real-world setting. Nothing provides more credibility than a satisfied customer!

Being only a few pages, readers find them easy to digest. Typically, Case Studies are found on your website, given out at Sales meetings, used as handouts at Trade Shows, and can even be repurposed for press releases and magazine articles.

It’s important to get your customer’s permission before including them in a Case Study. Sometimes, incentives are offered to entice them, such as discounts on future products and services.

Case studies are used to tell the story of a successful implementation of the solution.

They generally follow this format:

  • Describe customer problem
  • Introduce the customer
  • Talk about the journey
  • Show how the vendor was chosen
  • Describe the solution
  • Talk about how the implementation went
  • Tout the results, quantify if possible
  • Offer customer lessons learned

They are usually 1-4 pages and a quick read.

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