White Papers

Educational Marketing

White papers are the most popular marketing document in the high-tech industry. Written to thoroughly describe a business problem and best practice solution, it subtly introduces your product or service. White papers can also be used to discuss industry trends, positioning your company as a forward-thinking leader of the pack.

Clients appreciate that white papers are a softer selling, more educational document. White Papers are multi-purpose and can be used for lead generation, sales training, and as leave-behinds at customer meetings. For broad distribution, take advantage of syndication services that provide you with mass exposure and manage your leads.

At 8-12 pages, customers find value learning about what to look for in solutions that solve their business challenges.

Don’t be surprised to see your white papers passed around or even generate coverage by industry analysts!

White papers are used most often for lead generation. On average, they are 8-12 pages and can be either business or technically focused.

They are delivered via syndication, trade shows, company website, and as leave-behinds at sales meetings. They often have more than one reader.

White papers typically contain:

  • Description of the business problem
  • History and/or market drivers
  • Generic/high-level solution
  • Benefits of the high-level solution
  • What to look for in a solution
  • Specific company solution
  • Summary
  • Call to Action

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