Freelance Marketer for High Tech with a focus on BI


Not just an experienced writer, but a writer with experience. Having spent over 10 years in both business and IT roles, from web developer to Director of Business Intelligence, I now leverage that experience to create B2B marketing content that resonates with customers. Contact me when you're ready to work with a B2B marketing content creator who understands the challenges of high tech and BI from a customer's perspective.

Content Creation

B2B content marketing is a big task and only one of the many important tasks you have to do. You may be planning your next year’s strategy and budget, worrying about SEO, running a booth at a tradeshow, analyzing e-mail campaigns, performing market research, or preparing for a new product lunch. The last thing you want to worry about is producing content.

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Website Development

Your web site may be one of the first places your potential customers come into contact with you. It’s the place where you want to put on your best face and provide information that helps them take the next step. The information should be clear, concise, and useful. Even though it may serve multiple purposes, the site should be cohesive, providing continuity in brand and style.

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Terri has been great to work with. It is such a plus that she is knowledgeable about our market area because it saved a lot of time that would have been required to educate other marketing consultants.

White Papers

White papers are the most popular marketing document in the high-tech industry. Written to thoroughly describe a business problem and best practice solution, it subtly introduces your product or service. White papers can also be used to discuss industry trends, positioning your company as a forward-thinking leader of the pack.

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Case Studies

Case studies are used to tell the story of a successful solution. They demonstrate how your company successfully solved your customer’s business problem and are a great way to show your company in action, demonstrating proven success in a real-world setting. Nothing provides more credibility than a satisfied customer!

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Articles can be used to position your company on the cutting edge with new answers to business challenges and introduce new trends. Most publications have earned credibility, so your customers already trust the content. These same publications are always looking for new material, making it a win-win for both of you.

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Other Content

Marketing collateral would not be complete without addressing all parts of the sales cycle. Additional long copy pieces include brochures, e-books, and data sheets. There are special needs for short copy too, like landing pages, email, post cards, newsletters and blog posts. Each one necessary for reaching out to prospects and customers.

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