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I’d like to tell you a little about me and my company, Advanced Marketing Collateral (AMC). Producing B2B marketing collateral was a natural progression for me. Having spent over 10 years in IT and business roles, from web developer to Director, I now leverage that experience to create marketing collateral customers like you appreciate.

About the early days

I began my technical career as a web developer at US WEST, a large landline telecommunications company. I quickly progressed into the more technically complex area of web application development.

Later, I moved to a large wireless company, T-Mobile, and led the effort to build out their reporting and analytics environment. Basically, I helped them see the bigger picture and the benefits of an enterprise-wide business intelligence environment.

In 2003, I created one of the first Business Intelligence Competency Centers and was promoted to Director of Business Intelligence.

Why that makes me a great marketer

During my career, I met with many vendors and solution providers. I have been a consumer of a vast amount of marketing collateral including white papers, case studies, industry articles, web content, data sheets, brochures, and other items. Therefore, you get someone who has been on the other side and knows what your prospects and customers need in order to make decisions and justify purchases.

After completing the Technical Communication Certification Program at Bellevue Community College, the staff aske me to teach others what I know about how the relationship between business and technology and the role that communication plays.

My experience is broad and deep

I’ve been working as a marketing consultant and doing freelance writing since 2007. My work is professional and clean, and I know how to translate very technical subjects into a message your customers can understand. So, you’ll find I can quickly understand your product, solution, and market. I have worked hard to become an B2B marketing collateral expert.

In October 2011, I was asked by Claudia Imhoff to be a member of the BI Boulder Brain Trust (BBBT). Indeed, I am honored to be a part of the team. Every Friday, a different BI vendor presents their company and product before a panel of experts. We provide input and feedback to help shape their product, strategy, and roadmap. If you would like to get on the vendor calendar, visit the site: boulderbibraintrust.org

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I have years of understanding business challenges having been a client and now addressing them as a marketer.


By us working together, using all of our collective knowledge and ideas, we create the best results.


I believe building strong relationships is key to creating the best outcomes and it makes working together much more fun!

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