B2B Content Marketing Services

I provide B2B content marketing services for high-tech companies. While my primary focus is writing content, I can also provide document and website design, and website development, and marketing automation.

Clients most commonly ask for the services listed below but, I can also create additional materials such as blog posts, ebooks, data sheets, and product brochures. If you’re interested in something not listed below, just ask.

Finally, my prices are extremely competitive since I work directly with you (cutting out the middle man) and tend to fall along the industry mid-point, based on a recent study of copywriters across the U.S.

Content Creation

Long form content can be difficult to get done in house. Your other priorities always seem to come first. Having been in leadership, I have no problem interviewing executives and SMEs. I enjoy research and putting the content together in a way that is easy to understand and provides prospects with what they need to move through the sales cycle.

  • Industry Articles -Industry articles bring awareness of new solutions and technology to a broad audience.
  • White Papers -White papers are a perfect medium to share a deeper understanding of the problem and educate customers about the solution.
  • Case Studies -Case studies demonstrate how customers have already realized the benefits of your solution.
  • Blog Posts – Quick hits to help build your credibility with your prospects and customers.

Marketing Automation

The process of generating leads and cultivating customers can be an onerous one. Your marketing team may be responsible for a number of marketing campaigns. Capturing their attention through well-written emails, timely messaging, and valuable offers are key. Fortunately, there are marketing automation software platforms that can help you manage campaigns, schedule messaging, target preferred groups, and track responses. However, it’s not enough to buy the software, you have to understand how to build an effective marketing campaign.

My marketing automation experience is in Marketo, Hubspot, and unbounce.

  • campaign creation and management
  • email copy and design
  • landing page copy and design
  • HTML and CSS adjustments to accommodate different email displays
  • list management
  • A/B testing
  • campaign performance metrics and reporting
marketing consultant

I love what I do

I enjoy exploring all the ways I can get prospects and customers to understand and engage with you.

Web Development

Does your site say more about who your company is than what they can do for your customer? Your web site is the place where you want to put on your best face and provide information that helps prospects take the next step.

Your site should:

  • Provide information that is clear, concise, and useful.
  • Be cohesive, providing continuity in brand and style.
  • Offer them more than what they came for by providing a full-suite of information about your products and your company, anticipating their needs.
  • Be compelling with strong content and a unified message to your customer.

Additionally, be sure to measure the effectiveness of the website including hit visits, new visits, unique visitors, page views, average time on site, and bounce rate.

Because my clients want a site they can manage on their own, including adding or changing content, I am doing most new sites in WordPress. It can simplify development, provide additional functionality including a blog, and can be customized to suit your design or brand. So, drop me a line and let’s talk about your next site plans. You’ll be amazed at how inexpensive it can be.

I’m Here To Help You!

Give me those marketing tasks that you’re struggling to get to and we’ll get them done!