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Implement compelling marketing solutions to engage your toughest prospects and customers.

Not just an experienced B2B marketer, but a marketer with B2B experience

Having spent over 10 years in both business and IT roles, from web developer to Director of Business Intelligence, I leverage that experience to create B2B marketing content that resonates with customers. Contact me when you’re ready to work with a marketing consultant who understands the challenges of B2B from a customer’s perspective.

Content Creation

B2B content marketing is a big task and only one of the many important tasks you have to do. You may be planning your next year’s strategy and budget, worrying about SEO, running a booth at a tradeshow, analyzing e-mail campaigns, performing market research, or preparing for a new product lunch. So, the last thing you want to worry about is producing content.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is where the rubber meets the road. It’s where you connect with your prospects and customers. Automating this process through email and social media allows your leads to naturally present themselves and allows you to track and better understand customer desires. All of this creates a more targeted user experience for your prospects and customers, leading to higher sales conversions.

Website Development

Your web site may be one of the first places your potential customers come into contact with you. It’s the place where you want to put on your best face and provide information that helps them take the next step. Therefore, the information should be clear, concise, and useful. Even though it may serve multiple purposes, the site should be cohesive, providing continuity in brand and style.

Clients appreciate that I am…

Experienced, client-focused, collaborative, personable

B2B Marketing is a tough job!

Your products are complex. Your sales cycles are long. And, your customers not only need to be educated but need to be able to justify their decision.

Do you have a hard time getting everything done?

You’ve got to manage multiple campaigns, lead generation, trade shows, webinars, and product launches, not to mention all of the tasks that go into these programs.


Big on ideas but small on experience?

Marketing teams are often made of generalists. They have great ideas but don’t necessarily have the business experience or deep writing skills to create compelling marketing collateral.


You need a lifeline.

It’s time for a partner that understands your business. Get those marketing projects off the drawing board and into the hands of prospects and customers.


Live the good life!

I am ready to partner with you and help you meet your marketing goals. Don’t waste another minute. Contact me today!

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