I’ve always had a fondness for visual data, so in honor of the Olympics, I thought I’d share these winter sport and Olympic infographics I found. Maybe it’s my simple mind, but I appreciate their ability to distill complex information into a (relatively) simple graphical image. I’ve located these and offer them for your enjoyment.

Here’s everything you always wanted to know about the sport of curling:

Larger Image (infographic by Ciaran Hughes)

And also about bobsledding:

Larger Image (infographic by Stefan Bayley)

Here’s ice hockey:

(infographic by Ciaran Hughes)

My favorite sport, figure skating:

Infographic – Edward Tufte (click for larger image)

How about Olympic medals (not sure from which year):

(infographic by Ciaran Hughes)

And finally, an analysis of medals won per GDP using 2004 Summer Games data.

Larger image (infographic from Vizworld)