Research sponsored by the Association of Online Publishers shows that 97% of the business decision makers surveyed say that the Internet is the most used form of media. Well, I don’t suppose that is any big surprise. But what was interesting was that 74% of the respondents say they are more likely to trust web content if it is linked to an established source, such as a business publication or industry association. While we know that intuitively, it was interesting to see the actual numbers.

It’s no secret that content found on a third party site can hold more credibility than content on the company’s own site. Readers respect content from analysts and industry leaders, and also feel a product or vendor has more credibility if they are being talked about anywhere outside of the company’s site.

Readers make the assumption that third party sites have prescreened content and have therefore given an implied approval. Readers and potential buyers believe that the product or vendor they are reading about must have a solid reputation to be considered for inclusion on any third party site.

So, where might you post content outside of your own company site? Here are just a few that you might consider and that may cost you nothing:

Trade publications – Most trade publications are now online, though many also publish printed versions. The good news is you may have the chance to be published in both. Look for author guidelines inside the front cover or on the site and contact the editor. They can usually provide an editorial calendar and content guidelines. They may even give you a clue as to what topics they are looking for.

Association newsletters – Anymore, the newsletters we read are digital and delivered via e-mail. You probably are already aware of newsletters that come from your area of interest, whether that is horizontally focused, such as customer relationship management (CRM) or vertical, like healthcare. Locate the newsletter owner and find out how to submit an article.

Industry blogs – Blog owners are always looking for new quality content. Look for the blogs that are popular in your space and contact the blog owner to find out if they accept guest-authored posts. Readers are more willing to accept opinions, even vendor opinions, in a blog post. However, they also appreciate educational information.

Now that you have your opportunity to be seen on a third party site, make sure you provide quality content that supports the real-world business or technical problems your prospects and customers are facing. Don’t miss out on this great chance to be heard.