I was reading an interview with Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere on SmartData Collective the other day and what I read and saw was “FUN!”

Improv Everywhere says they create chaos and joy in public places. First they get your attention and then they make you smile. When is the last time you did something silly? Yahoo sponsored this Improv Everywhere event where hundreds of people listened to the same MP3 on their headphones and followed the goofy instructions. How about the largest game of Twister?

On a more deliberate marketing note, watch as my alma-matter T-Mobile, takes over the Liverpool Street Station. Initially, you see the typical moving crowds. As the music begins to play, a few of them start dancing, and then as it progresses, what looked like on-lookers are now joining the dance.

No doubt it was all choreographed, but to the hundreds of people watching at the LS Station and the millions who have now seen it on YouTube, it was captivating. You could see several people using their cell phones to video what they were seeing, which was exactly what T-Mobile wanted. The viral exposure has been phenomenal. It’s been viewed over 10 million times around the world!

So my question is can B2B marketing be fun? What can we do to be more viral? What good examples have you already seen?