Marketers today are spending a lot of energy trying to do more with less. We’re running around, trying to keep the sales staff happy, trying to create content that stands above the crowd, trying to measure title effectiveness with split testing, trying to prove our ROI to our executive team, all with less money and headcount. If we’re not working on a corporate marketing team, we’re trying to find and convince prospects to use our services, trying to stay up with the latest social media trends, and competing with thousands of other independent marketers or agency marketing teams. Needless to say, these are stressful times.

A few weeks ago, I asked Can B2B Marketing Be Fun? and now the “fun” mirror has been turned back at ourselves. That’s why when I saw this video, I thought, “I just have to share this! My marketing friends need a good belly laugh.”

I found several things I could personally relate to, especially in a corporate setting. I’ve seen people (not just marketers) do what they could to look both smart and busy. I’ve seen them hustling around the office with an heir of importance. I’ve heard them claim to be double and triple booked with appointments. I’ve seen them excuse themselves from meetings to take a phone call (from their friends, no doubt). I’ve seen them use buzzwords du jour to sound like they fit in. I’ve worked with these people – they really do exist.

On a similar note, one of my favorite TV shows is The Office. I can pretty much identify someone I know in every character. I’ve seen every one of them in some capacity during my career. I think the producers of The Office should hire the marketing guy in this video – he’d fit right in and they need a marketing person.

Anyway, all of this is just for fun. It’s a chance to laugh at ourselves. I’ll bet you found something you can relate to like I did. Perhaps you even saw a bit of yourself in the video. I’ll leave you with this last thought, “Are we more alike than dare to admit?”

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